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ATLAS Workbase to Open First Facility in Seattle

ATLAS Workbase, OpenSquare, Gensler, Steelcase Inc, FedEx Office, Philips Lighting, Seattle, Puget Sound

Designed with Gensler and OpenSquare, created with partners FedEx Office, Steelcase and Philips Lighting, sets new standard for coworking spaces; modern and highly ergonomic setting fosters productivity and innovation

SEATTLE, Jan. 30, 2017 — ATLAS Workbase, offering a new kind of sophisticated coworking space aimed at mature companies, small businesses, and the executive set including managers and consultants from industries such as retail banking, insurance, law, etc. that seek a more professional shared workspace experience, has launched its first coworking space. The first ATLAS Workbase is a 20,000-square foot facility at the Lumen Building located at 500 Mercer Street in the heart of Seattle’s Queen Anne neighborhood. The company expects to announce several more facilities in Seattle, and then Portland over the next 18 months as it begins its national roll-out.

ATLAS Workbases, designed in conjunction with Gensler and OpenSquare, and created with partners including FedEx Office®, Steelcase and Philips Lighting, deliver a high-end work environment married with a “Third Place” experience that is unmatched in the coworking space industry. This is in sharp contrast to established coworking spaces that generally cater to start-ups, and whose focus is on creating a fun and highly social experience.

“ATLAS Workbase sets the new standard in flexible, high-performance coworking spaces intentionally designed for global and mobile workforces that enhance productivity and innovation in a modern and highly ergonomic setting. With major investments in technology, acoustics, lighting, furniture, and design, ATLAS aims for the professional class with a sophisticated environment designed not just for working, but for getting business accomplished,” said Bill Sechter, ATLAS Workbase CEO. “We picture a day when the typical business person will book an airline ticket, a hotel, a car, and their office, and the first thing they are going be thinking about for their office is ATLAS Workbase,” continued Sechter.

ATLAS Workbase, OpenSquare, Gensler, Steelcase Inc, FedEx Office, Philips Lighting, Seattle, Puget SoundCompanies are gravitating toward the coworking or flex workspace model as workers become more mobile, often leaving expensive real estate unused. According to the CBRE Group’s 2015/2016 America’s Occupier Survey of 226 Americas-based corporate real estate organizations, more than 40 percent of respondents are using or considering shared workplaces.

“There is an office renaissance happening as the workplace evolves to meet the holistic well-being of workers,” said Lisa Arthofer, OpenSquare Vice President of Business Development. “ATLAS Workbase provides an ecosystem of spaces that allow people to choose how and where they use the space. What ATLAS is creating is very complex in execution, yet simple for the worker. The design of the space enhances people’s cognitive, physical and social well-being – an innovation not seen in any other coworking environment,” continued Arthofer.

Separating ATLAS Workbases from the rest of the coworking space pack are four key elements: conceptually, ATLAS Workbases are built around a concierge service mentality and replicate the look and feel of modern executive airport lounges or clubs; they provide a dazzling array of space options/work habitats that meet short-term or long-term needs; they offer pay-for-use plans including single-day use passes, half time and quarter time passes; with acoustics, technology, lighting and furniture that have been carefully integrated to enhance the experience.

When first entering ATLAS members or day users are met by concierge staff that help select the exact workstation/setting needed, concierge and add-on services they require that day to be ultra-productive. Users can upgrade their meeting space requirements depending on the needs of the day.

“The ATLAS concept immediately creates a new sub-category within the coworking space industry with its focus on high-end design, materials, and aesthetics. ATLAS Workbase represents a more sophisticated environment in the quality and execution of technology, materials/palette. Everything is thoughtfully executed to enhance productivity, collaboration, and creativity,” said Susana Covarrubias, Principal, Design Director, Gensler Seattle.

ATLAS features a variety of Steelcase® settings that are designed to support the many postures and work modes people assume each day. When ATLAS members need to get into flow, they can sit in a Brody® WorkLounge, a lounge designed to be good for the body and the brain. If they want to work at a desk, they can use Airtouch®, a height-adjustable work surface that allows people to easily change postures from sitting to standing. These settings give ATLAS members choice and control over their work day.

“Steelcase research shows the most engaged workers have choice and control over where and how they work, including the ability to find privacy, collaborate with teammates and change postures throughout their day,” said Pamela Woodward, Steelcase vice president of sales. “ATLAS Workbase provides settings to help workers feel and perform their best.”

Users can adjust the lighting atmosphere and technology used within the workspace. For example, some boardrooms include acoustical-based lighting by Philips Lighting, the first of its kind, here in the States. Indeed, the choice of lighting, including natural and artificial, can have a significant impact on productivity. A study by the American Society of Interior Designers indicated that 68 percent of employees complain about the lighting in their offices.

“Lighting influences everything in the workplace from employee comfort and collaboration to productivity and performance,” said Stacy Gillen, Head of End User Sales at Philips Lighting. “We partnered closely with ATLAS to augment its bold and unique work environment with an advanced lighting system designed to boost vitality, promote well-being and drive productivity, creativity and performance. For example, people can specify the lighting in a room to support a diverse range of daily activities based on the level of concentration and collaboration desired.”

At its Mercer Street facility, the layout includes The Concourse, offering many different settings suiting many different workstyles, starting at pre-opening rates of $229/month, with hourly packages, and centered on The Square, a shared “Third Place” for relaxed socializing, networking, and rejuvenation. The concierge and technical support staff—and the on-site FedEx Office Print & Ship Center—maintain an uninterrupted flow of business. ATLAS also offers beautifully designed work spaces that are optimized for different levels of focus and private meetings.

Also at Mercer Street, The Lounge combines the sophistication of a world-class airport lounge with the outstanding service of a top-level club, with monthly packages starting at $199 and entry level quarter day passes for a user and guest for under $20. The Lounge provides a more casual, community open-seating environment with no reservations—perfect for informal meetings or a change of pace from the Concourse.

Meeting and Board Rooms which are larger private spaces for free-flowing conversations and more focused communication, including easy-to-use teleconferencing and screen sharing options are also offered. Hourly rates start at $45 with discounts for members.

ATLAS Workbase supports its members with state-of-the art, deep and very hands-on technical support for most communication and computing devices, software, and network issues. All new members receive a technology set up and walk-through to ensure a great experience. ATLAS also offers the latest in technology including top-of-the-line AV solutions and one of the most secure, fastest, reliable internet solutions available in the coworking space, bar none.

​ATLAS previously announced a partnership with FedEx Office®. FedEx Office has opened an in-house Print & Ship Center, providing seamless access to a broad range of business products, services and premium services, inside the Mercer Street facility, and expects to provide similar services inside future ATLAS Workbases as they roll out nationally.

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ATLAS Workbase sets the new standard in flexible, high-performance coworking spaces intentionally designed for global and mobile workforces that enhance productivity and innovation in a modern and highly ergonomic setting. ATLAS Workbases, designed in conjunction with Gensler and Open Square, and created with partners including FedEx Office®, Steelcase and Philips Lighting, deliver an unprecedented work environment and experience that is unmatched in the coworking space industry. ATLAS Workbases replicate the look and feel of high-end executive airport lounges or clubs, complete with concierge services, pay-for-usage plans including single-day use passes, with an array of space options that meet short-term or long-term needs, as well as flexible part-time rate packages. Users can upgrade their meeting space requirements depending on the needs of the day.