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AMP Technologies New Release Is LIVE: All Retailers Will Now Be Able To Use Dynamic Demographics And Analytics To Strategically Select Their Locations

Silicon Valley, CA August 03, 2016 : Today, AMP Technologies announced their latest New Release “code name” DENVER, featuring improved performance updates along with a seamless platform to App connectivity. Denver offers the ability to quickly access data in real time, revealing market trends along with key metrics that drive revenue to the next level. This is a breakthrough for Commercial Real Estate Leaders that leverages new innovative technology with a clean and functional design that is easy to navigate.

“AMP strives to simplify our User experience in everything we do; this focus starts and ends with meaningful design and functionality”, Shares Dex Honsa, Head Of User Experience at AMP Technologies. “Design drives technology adaption and usage in modern business today. Our technology is already the best in the industry, my commitment is to match the incredibly powerful capabilities with a clean and simple design for our Users.”


Now all levels of an organization can share, compare and compete with other top leaders on their team and the industry as a whole. Today business is conducted at the speed of technology, if you don’t utilize the best capabilities, you will get left behind. AMP is committed to providing an experience that is simple and leverages the most advanced innovation for their Users.

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Denver Release Highlights:

  • INSTANT PERFORMANCE RANKING | Now users can gain key insights like never before to make informed business decisions. Property performance simplified. Growth Management: Quickly gain ultimate operational visibility into the performance of the entire portfolio and individual property data. Ranking Metrics: Users’ NOI, occupancy and controlled expenses become easy to view and manage, revealing their top performing properties. Team Performance: Highlight and compare top performers and quickly identify growth areas to drive additional revenue.
  • DEBT MANAGEMENT | All In Real Time. Alerts: Track deviations across debt variables in real time against loan covenant. Multiple Loans: Users can manage all loans in one collaborative platform with built in alerts specific to their unique portfolio. Role Specific: Users’ debt management system will be customized to each team member’s role to maximize efficiency.
  • INTERACTIVE MARKET INSIGHTS | Quick Access to Demographics: Easy access to categories such as Household Income, Age Range and Population Density. Traffic Insights Revealed: Now users can quickly view Vehicle Count, Key Points of Interest and Congestion Areas all in one VISUAL Map. Highlight Your Competition: Understand the level of Competition and Top Competitor Brands with an advanced filter system built into the AMP Platform.


AMP continues to update their platform faster than any other software company in commercial real estate, providing Users with the ability to quickly take their performance to the next level. Next generation client engagement is driven by easy access to key data and intelligence that enables professionals to take action quicker when making decisions. Powered by AMP’s patented technology, the added benefits available through the Denver Release more effectively enable management of commercial real estate assets across all levels of the organization.

The best in the industry quickly learn how to leverage technology and innovation to gain a competitive advantage.


About AMP Technologies
Headquartered in Mountain View, California, AMP Technologies provides a suite of products and services for commercial real estate asset management. The AMP Technologies Platform is a powerful, yet highly intuitive platform to monitor and manage individual properties and large portfolios. Its products are built on best-of- breed cloud technology and are designed for the modern enterprise to provide sophisticated business intelligence, collaboration and management tools. With a comprehensive, yet highly intuitive, platform for monitoring and managing individual properties to entire portfolios, AMP provides the key tools needed for every level of management for effective analysis and decision-making. For more information, visit AMP Technologies on the web at www.theamp.com.