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Alexandria’s Center for Science and Technology in Bellevue Moves Forward with Proposal for 900,000 SQFT Phase 3

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By Kate Snyder

Development activity in Bellevue could see an uptick as Alexandria Real Estate Equities’ life science project continues moving forward. The firm has submitted details for Phase 3 of its two-pronged proposal for a life science complex alongside a residential development, Bellevue records show. The Gensler-designed project is part of Alexandria’s Center for Science and Technology, which will add 1.2 million square feet of life science space near the Spring District.

Located at 1239 120th Ave. NE, the project’s Phase 3 is split into two operations – Phase 3A and Phase 3B, project plans show. Phase 3A would contain a 526,375 square foot office and life

science tower that would stand at eight stories, and Phase 3B involves the construction of a nine-story office and life science tower totaling 361,799 square feet.

An additional 12,172 square feet of amenity areas and retail spaces would be constructed within the ground level of the buildings and within detached small structures between the two proposed office buildings. A below grade parking garage would also be shared between the two buildings and contain approximately 916 vehicle stalls for both the office and retail uses. Project plans also include outdoor plaza space, landscaping and lighting as well as street frontage and internal roadway improvements.

Phase 3 is located on the east side of the project site, fronting 120th Avenue NE to the east, Spring Boulevard to the north and the proposed internal drives known as Central Drive on the west and Road A on the south, plans show. The site is approximately 3.6 acres in size.

“The Alexandria Center for Science & Technology – Bellevue (ACST-Bellevue) will be a unique and transformative transit-oriented development in Bellevue providing experiences that prioritize the pedestrian streetscape environment, enhance this developing city neighborhood/ corridor, and promote wellness with a biophilic landscape design,” project plans state. “Today’s science and technology tenants are looking for increased connectivity to the exterior, resulting in an emphasis on outdoor space for biophilic engagement, social gathering, and access to fresh air and daylight. Together these drivers lead us to create the ‘Science Village in the Woods.’”

In addition to the plans for the project’s third phase, the development team also submitted a request to modify the planned site layout for the project in part to provide more open space between the buildings. According to the request, a large central, landscaped open space would organize both office/life science buildings as well as allow a softer transition between residential and commercial uses. It would also more evenly distribute retail uses throughout the site and help the site maintain a mid-block connection along 120th Avenue.

Alexandria’s Center for Science and Technology, once complete, would span about 8.3 acres and consist of three life science and office buildings totaling 700,000 square feet and two additional multifamily buildings – to be developed by Pine Forest, Clarion Partners and Gables Residential – with about 432 units. According to The Registry’s previous reporting, there will also be about 1,770 underground parking stalls as well as 16,000 square feet of retail, with a particular emphasis on food and beverage vendors. The development is planned to be constructed in four phases.

Alexandria has been active in the Puget Sound region for some time. The firm first entered the Bellevue commercial real estate market in December of 2021 with its acquisition of the project site from Pine Forest for $77.5 million. Currently, the property is developed with a 130,000 square feet of office space, which was built by Pine Forest in 1983.