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60-Unit Project in Seattle’s Green Lake Neighborhood Approved at Early Design Guidance Meeting

Seattle, Green Lake, Early Design Guidance meeting, Blueprint Capital, Cone Architecture, Design Review Board
6860 East Green Lake Way N

By Jack Stubbs

On Monday, October 16th, a mixed-used project on the eastern edge of Green Lake was approved to proceed to the next stage of the design process at an Early Design Guidance meeting. The applicant—developer Blueprint Capital—was represented at the meeting by Cone Architecture firm.

The proposal is for the construction of mixed-use apartment development located at 6860 East Green Lake Way N. that will be comprised of approximately 60 units, varying between small-efficiency and efficiency dwellings, as well one live/work unit. The project will also consist of a single large commercial space located along East Green Lake Way N. as well as provide a new home for the Spud Fish & Chips restaurant, which has been on the property since 1940.

The large commercial space will be designed in collaboration with the business owner and will add an updated, enlarged outdoor space to enhance the dining experience, according to the project plans. Overall, the development is looking to provide housing that is central to the Green Lake Urban Village, has direct access to Green Lake Park and is easily accessible to downtown Seattle.

The northeast Design Review Board voted unanimously to advance the project while at the same time provide directions to help advance the design guidelines. The priorities focused on materials and detailing as well as the location of the bike parking on site. The board wanted to ensure the applicant took into consideration the Green Lake-specific neighborhood guidelines, too, and emphasized the importance of integrating the Spud restaurant’s mid-century modern design aesthetic into the new development’s design.

During the public comment section of the meeting, the owner of the Spuds restaurant voiced her support for the residential project, saying that “It was a decision we made to sell the property to a developer. We really support the applicant’s proposed massing option with the outdoor seating area,” she said. Other comments focused on the height of the development and emphasized the need for the applicant to carefully consider the design of the top of the building.

During their deliberation period, the board discussed the applicant’s three massing options agreeing to select the preferred scheme. The overall project concept, the live-work unit, the unit entrances at street level and the historical and cultural context of the surrounding neighborhood were all satisfactory to the board, which gave project the green light to proceed to the next phase of the design process with the city.