Thursday, March 30, 2017


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John Cumbelich & Associates, Bay Area, Deprtment store, Macy's, JC Penney, Nordstrom, San Francisco

Short the (Department Store) Stock

By John Cumbelich The Department Store business model is dead. Macy’s and JC Penney are closing stores by the hundreds. Sears is on the verge...
CRE, Commerical Real-Estate, CommercialCafe, Yardi Matrix

Foreign Investors Pile into US Commercial Real-Estate Bubble

By Wolf Richter With impeccable timing, after a blistering 7-year price boom. 2016 might later be called the peak year in terms of commercial real estate,...
John McNellis Partners Palo Alto Bay Area crowdfunding commercial real estate prediction market analysis San Francisco

McNellis: Marching Into Madness?

By John McNellis “Cocaine’s for horses, it ain’t for men They say it’ll kill you, but they won’t say when” Cocaine Blues When it comes to business...
McNellis Partners, Palo Alto, Silicon Valley

McNellis: There’s no Place like Home

By John McNellis If idle hands are the Devil’s work shop—they are—idle money is surely his pied-a-terre. When left with little to do, small boys...
McNellis Partners, Palo Alto, Silicon Valley

McNellis: Groceries Falling Through the Net?

By John McNellis In hindsight, yesterday’s common wisdom is often so wrong we wonder how we ever thought it true. In fact, some of us—the...
HGA Architects, San Jose, Silicon Valley, Bay Area, Workplace design

Change Management and Workplace Design

By Winfield S. Roney What are employees’ greatest fears about change management? The biggest fear here is the word “change.” Let’s face it, no one likes...
Christmas, McNellis Partners, Palo Alto, Bay Area

McNellis: So This is Christmas

By John McNellis We all need to believe. Whether hard-wired into our genome or learned from our first breath, this universal hunger manifests itself in different...
John McNellis, McNellis Partners, Palo Alto

McNellis: Is Retail’s Middle Earth Flat?

By John McNellis We own and develop suburban neighborhood shopping centers within about a two-hour drive of San Francisco. We both build new projects and...
Zillow, Puget Sound, Seattle, NAIOP

OPINION: The Great Unwind Unravels Hottest Rental Markets in the US

Now in San Francisco, New York, Boston, Chicago, Washington DC, and perhaps a city near you. By Wolf Richter Averaged out across the US, asking rents...
John McNellis, McNellis Partners, Palo Alto, Silicon Valley, Bay Area, Outward Bound

McNellis: Outward Bound, Now More Than Ever

By John McNellis Thanksgiving at home is the traditional time and place for contemplating not only your good fortune—and sharing a bit of it—but your...

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